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Default Re: Question about wooden letters?

Originally Posted by mum2tianna View Post
I've been doing some letters for my girls room and I just can't seem to get the quite right! It's driving me bonkers lol.

I have painted them and they look great. I'm trying to add some polka dots and thought I could use a paint maker and a stencil...wrong! It looks like crap lol.

I would love some suggestions if someone doesn't mind sharing on how to make some decent polka dots that don't look all wobbly and hand drawn lol.

Best advice I have for wooden letters is to use scrapbooking paper or card stock for your "pattern". Use Decopodge (sp?) to stick it to the letters and seal it. I usually do 1/2 the letter w/ the paper and the other 1/2 with a matching paint. HTH
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