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Originally Posted by ClarasMommy View Post
oh man i'm still working on losing weight from my only baby and she's nearly 3...but every time i notice i've lost a few more pound, i run to old navy to buy new jeans...i like "the dreamer" cause they have a tummy sucking in panel and make you look like you have a butt...which i don't...thank god cause if i did it would be like the size of a dining room table prolly...anyway....go buy some jeans

oh...on this note...a few weeks ago i actually got my pre-pregnancy belt fit on the loosest hole...but maybe there's hope for my pre-pregnancy jeans! i had a pair of size 6 a&f that i got JUST because i could squeeze into them...i think i was able to wear them twice but i couldn't breathe either time...but it was soooo worth it...i hope to someday starve myself back into them....i need like a parasite or something to acheive that goal.........
OMG...too funny! A guy that I work with is a real sweetheart, and when he found out that I was expecting my DD (she's 7 months now), he gave me an American Eagle silver dollar as a gift for her. He came up to me the other day, and said, "Now, I hope you don't mind me getting personal for a minute...but I just need to I need to buy another one of those coins in the near future? I just wanna know cause they're not cheap. " Of course, I politely told him, that's sweet, but I'm not pregnant. SOOOOO embarrased.
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