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Default Re: how long did it take you .....

Originally Posted by gcmom View Post
to create a bow that you really liked? I make my daughter clippies and even actually made a few ok looking bows last summer, but for some reason I can't make a decent looking bow to save my life this year.... Do I just need to give up and buy the bow templates instead of trying to hand tie them or what? I'm not trying any of the twisted bows, just pinwheels and the basic type of bow...
LOL - there's a difference in bows I liked and bows that were actually good!! I made bows I liked after a few months - and people even bought those bows. I cringe at the thought now though.

I perfected my technique & hand tied bows I was proud of for several years but I just broke down & bought templates & a gator bite last week & wish I'd done it sooner. I LOVE the creases the gator gives me. Even my DH could see the difference immediately (and he is *such* a guy I think this says a lot!!) I like that I can make the same size bow every time with the templates - it's much faster than "eye-balling it" every time.
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