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Originally Posted by rachie2531 View Post
Girl, that is how I was feeling!!! I had gained a whole LOT of weight with baby #2 and Im down about 35 lbs since I started my weight loss and finally my feet dont look big swollen ballons attached to my legs... Thats an exageration but you get the point. I have been unable to wear the correct size shoe for a little over a year! And cute dressy shoes were definitely not happening. So, Im a little excited and overdid it but its worth it sometimes. I read a book not long ago... Title: Buy the shoes, Eat the cookie! Good motto but Im leaning toward more shoes, less cookies...

oh man i'm still working on losing weight from my only baby and she's nearly 3...but every time i notice i've lost a few more pound, i run to old navy to buy new jeans...i like "the dreamer" cause they have a tummy sucking in panel and make you look like you have a butt...which i don't...thank god cause if i did it would be like the size of a dining room table prolly...anyway....go buy some jeans

oh...on this note...a few weeks ago i actually got my pre-pregnancy belt fit on the loosest hole...but maybe there's hope for my pre-pregnancy jeans! i had a pair of size 6 a&f that i got JUST because i could squeeze into them...i think i was able to wear them twice but i couldn't breathe either time...but it was soooo worth it...i hope to someday starve myself back into them....i need like a parasite or something to acheive that goal.........
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