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Default Re: tutus am I doing this wrong???

i really think there is no right or's personal preference...i like doing the loops cause i know how to do it so i can do it fast...if you do one layer of tulle instead of 2 or three, the waistband looks cleaner, also seems more secure...BUT if you're doing more with a diff knot and it looks good and is secure, then you're probably doing it right...before 2 wks ago i didn't know what "no roll elastic" was...but now that i've been using it...i like it way better than regular...again because it looks cleaner

Originally Posted by bibbidibobbidi View Post
I've been making tutus for a few weeks to add to my website, I've been knotting the tulle to the elastic with a square knot, my tutus look really full and pretty, I've been reading a few tutorials ( on here and else where) they all say to loop the tulle and pull - if I try this the tulle doesn't feel secure and I can pull it out if I try.

Do you knot or loop?

Also I've been using double layers ( or triple layers of tulle) most tutorials say one layer.
Am I doing this wrong?
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