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Default Re: Pony O's - is there a surefire way to make sure they don't break?

Originally Posted by Shelleigh View Post
The only way to virtually guarantee non-breakage of your pony-O's is to direct (not suggest or recommend, tell them straight out) to your customers to put their girl's hair up in a pony tail (or pig tails, whatever) with a different pony-O first. Then apply the streamer to her hair beneath the first pony-O (so it will be closest to the head). Remind your customers that the pony-O on the streamer is only to hold the ribbon, not to hold the hair up.
This is just the method we use to apply cheer bows (actually, we use two pony-O's in their hair before we apply the cheer bow), to avoid breakage of the pony-O and slipping of the bow out of the hair during tumbling and stunts.
I tell my customers the same thing. I even include instructions. I give them an extra pony o to have.
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