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Default Bottle Cap Bubbles - help!

I have been making bottle caps for well over a year now but recently my last 2 big batches both had lots of BIG bubbles that settled in the caps over night while they dried.

As I have always done, I use a lighter to get rid of all the small air bubbles when the ET Lite is still wet. They all at that point look fine and then the next morning, all these large bubbles have hardened in them.

Any thoughts as to why they are forming? I glue my images in the caps w/EZ6000. Are the images not entirely glued down and air forms underneath or is something else causing the problem?

If it is the glue, any suggestions as to how to press down on the images so they adhere? I make approx 100 at a time so to hold each one for a minute or so is quite time consuming?

Any advice on either of my questions is very much welcomed!
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