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Originally Posted by GammiesGirlsBowtique View Post I would shoe shop if I hadnt been tutorial shopping. I find its easier to buy those with 4 kids then go to the mall and buy shoes with 4 kids. Maybe in a few years Ill be able to get some new shoes.
Girl, that is how I was feeling!!! I had gained a whole LOT of weight with baby #2 and Im down about 35 lbs since I started my weight loss and finally my feet dont look big swollen ballons attached to my legs... Thats an exageration but you get the point. I have been unable to wear the correct size shoe for a little over a year! And cute dressy shoes were definitely not happening. So, Im a little excited and overdid it but its worth it sometimes. I read a book not long ago... Title: Buy the shoes, Eat the cookie! Good motto but Im leaning toward more shoes, less cookies...
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