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Originally Posted by GammiesGirlsBowtique View Post
I can see your point of view. Just to be clear Im in no way trying to be argumentative at all. I try to keep my sarcastic personality in check on here bc it sometimes is hard to type things like you speak and it come out the same. I only commented here bc I talked to the women that bought the tutu in the first place and she felt terrible about the tutu lady getting upset and even apoligized for the misunderstanding but it didnt do any good. I respect everyones opinion on here even if its not shared by me. Some people can look and figure out how its made, some cant. Some are $7.50 richer then others and therefore have more shoes....

Oh, no... I cant tell but are you siding with my husband about the shoes??? Darn it!!!! I thought the women would understand! To be fair, they were very cheap shoes!
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