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Ya know, I think many people have their own opinions on this matter. And an opinion does not make 1 person right, or 1 person wrong. I guess we all have ways of looking at things. Personally, I think that the whole tutu craze has went too far, which is what Britt was trying to express. "The Original Tutu Mafia"? So what, ya'll gotta freakin gang now? I mean seriously!! This is beyond ridiculous!! As Judy said, many of us can look at a picture and figure things out on our own. I've never bought a tutorial for anything. But, imo, to write a tutorial, then charge the amount she charged is kinda WRONG!!!! Sure, we all look at pics and get ideas, but my goodness, put your own spin on it!! I'm glad she made a butt load of dough, but I think it was went about the wrong way. And as someone mentioned, she "took the high road and chose not to retaliate", I think its even more childish to think that there was anything to retaliate against!! Seriously, everything gets turned into an argument even when it isnt meant to be an argument. Britt and Judy are both great gals, and 2 of my closest bow friends. Neither are trying to be rude or disrespectful, just voicing their opinions. Though it seems when someone does that, ya'll throw stones. JUST CRAZY!!!
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