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Originally Posted by daisyrose305 View Post
(my 2 cents)

I don't have any idea who is selling what but I think if you WERE NOT an original member of the Tutu Mafia you should NOT be selling a tut because so many pointers were given out in that thread! I even heard that the neighbors dog was now making the Mafia tutu!
Oh, no... I thought this thread was dead hours ago... But I have to say this was hilarious!!!! Thanks for making me laugh!

And honestly, just so everyone understands, I didnt boycott the tut for any other reason than because I was broke from buying shoes. Not just 1 pair... 5 pair. in one day. My husband is not happy but I am. I had a rough 2 days and worked my butt off so I deserved it. I dont like buying tuts because I dont like handing over the cash so, yes, I want everything for free. So, if anyone is giving any tuts out for free, please get in touch with me. I dont care who makes money from what tut and to tell the truth, I dont think anyone else cared either. I just think something was misunderstood.
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