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Originally Posted by Judy74 View Post
Hi! I didn't see the pinwheel tut. I'm gonna make up a tut on how to line clips with hot glue! ding ding ding! Or maybe how to glue a clip onto a flower! Oh i'm fully of ideas! ahhahah

I'm just poking fun. I see these tutorials all the time but the difference with this specific tutorial was the fact that people were saying they were buying a tutu to figure it out and actually shut down a persons shop because of it. I don't know. I think its in poor taste. I've never bought anything to pull it apart. look at a picture and design your own version. That's what I do if i want something bad enough.
The original post "amazing tutu" is where the tutu purchase went crazy and the tutu mafia was started as praise to the dang tutu and the women saying how great it was actually bought it for her DD's pictures and never said it was going to be taken apart. She paid $50 for the thing, she wasnt going to take it apart. There were some joking post telling her she could always take it apart and tell everyone else how it was made b/c so many people were offering their thoughts on how it was made. IMO, the tutu lady got overzealous and shut down her shop, made crazy public post defaming HipGirls and discontinued her wholesale sales all bc too many people liked her tutus. Who does that? Sorry but bc your afraid someone is going to copy you, you shut down your stores? Thats no ones fault but her own. Tutu paranoia is a ugly thing.
I really dont see why all this talk about the tutorial. So what someone made a tutorial and made a ton of cash in 2 days. Yay for her!If someone wants a tutorial on how to line clippies then yay for you too sister! And you laugh but some people need those kind of tutorials ya know? lol...Ive seen alot of flowers that still have the green thing on the back of the flower so it doesent lay flat on the clip...those ladies could've used that tutorial.....

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