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Default Re: The Chrysanthemum Tutu...any interest?

Originally Posted by aandja79 View Post
3 tuts for the price of one..ok, I'm sorry, but I have to say something here. The first being the basic tutu. You can google that for free, and HG's on here will generally be happy to point you in the right direction. The "fancy" tutu is simply a basic tutu - you tie a knot in the very end of each piece of tulle once the tutu is made, and snip the extra off. There you go. I told you all for free. If there is some amazing variation that is worth the $7.50, then my humblest apologies. Sorry, I just can't sit by and see fellow HGs get charged for tying knots at the end of a basic tutu. I wouldn't have said a damn thing, and I'm sure she means well, and I try to stay out of this stuff but this strikes me as wrong.
Yeah I was confused by that. What are the three tutus she is giving a tut on. I got from the OP that she was giving a tut on a basic tutu(super easy to find, just search tutu tut) and the one with the knots. What's the third tutu??

I was tempted to say in this thread how you make the "amazing" tutu simply because it is sooooooo simple. I kept my mouth shut for lack of starting drama. But it really is that simple ladies. Just tie knots on the end of each strand and snip the excess off.
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