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Default Re: Here is my tip for taking good pictures...

Originally Posted by alibug View Post
lol. It is so hard to get any work done with her awake! Sometimes I set her down in the family room (which is just a few steps down from my kitchen where I work) to play. She will play for about 2 minutes, then sees me and tries to climb the stairs. She isn't good enough at stairs yet so she will fall. I just wish she would play for a little bit by herself! When my 3 year old is with her she will play better, but then my 3 year old beats her up! Lol. That is why I work when they are asleep.
We must have the same floor plan (the multi-level) My baby is army crawling and has developed a high shriek whenever I try to let him entertain himself in the family room while I work in the kitchen. They know just how to wrap themselves around your little finger! I don't know how you get so much done! YOur etsy is stocked, your blog is beautiful! Way to go
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