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Default Re: Pony O's - is there a surefire way to make sure they don't break?

Originally Posted by rufflesandribbon View Post
I use these ones that are one piece so there is no way to break or snap them (and have used them for years with my own girls and for sale). The ones at the $1 Tree are *exactly* the same as the goody ones. I've had several customers re-order so I'm assuming they are pleased. I get them at Wal-mart, Target or $1 Tree.

Belle is another brand & they call their's Pony Sox (don't remember where it's from) but it's 30 plain black.

These are some of my pony-o streamers on these type of pony-o's. I just looked at that "Power Bows" link & they seem to be the same.

Where do you get the Belle ones or the one piece ones? Does one piece mean you can't see the beginning or end of the elastic? On all the ones I've seen at the stores, you can see where it's glued together.
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