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Originally Posted by Judy74 View Post
Hi! I didn't see the pinwheel tut. I'm gonna make up a tut on how to line clips with hot glue! ding ding ding! Or maybe how to glue a clip onto a flower! Oh i'm fully of ideas! ahhahah

I'm just poking fun. I see these tutorials all the time but the difference with this specific tutorial was the fact that people were saying they were buying a tutu to figure it out and actually shut down a persons shop because of it. I don't know. I think its in poor taste. I've never bought anything to pull it apart. look at a picture and design your own version. That's what I do if i want something bad enough.
I don't think anyone was serious about that... I think everyone was just joking around becuase the TUTU lady was so vicious. I bought the tut, but have no desire to shut anyone's shop down.

All of my tutorials are now available through my etsy store.

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