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Default Re: The Chrysanthemum Tutu...any interest?

Originally Posted by ClarasMommy View Post
Would you like a tutorial for this tutu? I figured I would follow in TheMonkyBoutiqueq's footsteps and charge and intro price of $7.50 and the raise to $15 after a couple of weeks. It will include the instructions for the basic tutu, the Chrysanthemum and a variation (yet to be named), and a matching hairbow. If ya'll want it, I will make it...
Originally Posted by aandja79 View Post
Sorry, but a tut for this is just not worth $7.50. I've made a ton of these in the past few days, and I think it would be a blatant rip off to get people to pay for something as easy as this. If ppl can't make a basic tutu, then they may pay something, but when you see what the other extra step is to get the puffy look, I think you might have some very angry people on your hands. Sorry, not trying to offend, just being honest.
I agree that this tutu is very easy to make, HOWEVER, I'll have to disagree with everything else. Clarasmommy is actually offering 3 tuts for 7.50 and not just the one simple tut. IMHO it is worth buying if you get detailed instructions for 3 different and beautiful tutus. For the ladies who have yet to make a tutu and have no idea where to start, it's a good deal. Especially if you don't have the time to seach the world wide web for "free" instructions. Yes, they can be found but not many have the patience to look for them.
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