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Originally Posted by Judy74 View Post
I figured it out on my own and didn't waste ANY material! Oh and I shared with my friends because I don't think charging money for somebody else's idea is very nice. Cuz when it happens to one of you ladies, you'll be crying like a little 3 year old. I can see why the lady who took the time and effort to design this tutu is pissed off. I can look at pictures and figure things out.
first i just wanted to say hi i have not seen u in a while!!!!!!

what is the difference between the tutu tut and the pinwheel tut that floated around here a while back. how to make a pinwheel is all over the net yet she charged 3 bucks for it. i am not saying she is wrong but to each their own.

it is very classy of her not to comment on this thread.
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