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Originally Posted by mckenjs View Post
Agreed. I bought it and just looked at it. It totally was NOT done the way I thought it was... It's a pretty complex process and the tut looks really good... I'm glad that I got it and think it was a worthwhile investment. Even if all I do is make a tutu for my little darling, it will still be cheaper than buying one. I have thought about making tutorials for a few things that I do (that I think are pretty unique) but quite honestly, I don't have the time or patience.

If you think about it...she said it took 4 hours to figure out the tutu. You think another 2 (at least) probably to make the tut. Then another several hours answering questions/ replying to e-mails... So if you round that to 6, you're paying for 6 hours of someone's time.

Think about how much you have to pay someone on a contract basis for consultation? Even if I get the tut and ask one question about it... any consultant would round it up to 15 min and charge you $80/Hr...

Just thinking out loud.

I really don't have anything invested in this arguement one way or the other...just think everyone is getting very worked up about tulle and elastic lately.

Best of luck in your endeavors, tutu or otherwise.
I just made a tutorial for my friend in less then 30 minutes. Including picture editing. Tutu took less then 2 hours for sure. that's time feeding my kids and shampooing my carpet.
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