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Default Re: A silly question

Originally Posted by BellaLuPretties View Post
Hi I am new here. I have been making bows for a year and a half now and you would think I would know how to do this. It just occured to me after purchasing TOTT instructions that I think I have been doing this all wrong. When you attach alligator clips to bows which side to you glue to the bottom of the bow? The flat side? I have been doing the opposite side. But in the pictures it looks like they glue the flat side to the bow.

I purchased other bow making instrustructions (Little Peanut Company) a while ago. In those instructions it very clearly showed lining the flat side of the clip and gluing the flat side to the bow. I had been lining the clips the other way and thought myself it would be uncomfortable to wear the clip "upside down" but tried it on and it wasn't. Apparently the head curves enough over the length of the clip that it's not uncomfortable; it didn't dig in or anything. So, I would say it is a matter of preference. There might be some advantage to using the clip with the flat side to the bow depending on the construction of the bow - I have made a few bow styles where the bent part of the clip pokes into the underside of the bow and it doesn't sit right - but for those I just mount the bow on a french clip. I still line the bent part (what I consider the top) of the clip myself, and I think most people do - but you could do it either way.

FYI, there's also an online boutique clippie retailer that advertises on this site (Out to Tea) which uses the flat part of alligator clip as the top. I think it's just for asthetics; their clippies are fully lined - top & bottom.

Hope this helps...

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