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Default Re: Korker center knots...and centers HELP!

Originally Posted by vmommy View Post
I've been trying to make baby Korkers, out of the skinny ribbon...I can't thinkof the exact measurement, but I've been wrapping them around skewer sticks and the korker ribbon itself comes out great, it's just when I go to sew them that I'm having problems.
I'm placing them on the needle and stacking them in different directions, then I pull the thread through and when I go to pull it back through again for more security the thread gets all tangled in the curls and forget about tying the knots!! More tangled mess - does this make sense? Does this happen to anyone else? Can anyone help?
I was having this problem when my thread was too long. I also keep the korkers spread out with my fingers while I'm pulling the thread through. Don't worry about them losing their shape, if you spray them with the hairspray after they bake <or whatever your pref is> they will maintain, just re poof them some. HTH
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