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Default Re: "Bella Ragazza Tutu Tutorial".

If anyone has any questions regarding the tutu or tutorial they purchased they are welcome to send me a pm or contact me at the email I sent them the tutorial from, I will no longer be offering this tut for sale here.

I honestly felt there was no harm in offering this tut for sale but after reading the threads that have been started over the past few days I just want to see this thread disappear the friendships that I have made or stand to make here are far more valuable then $7.50/tutorial I didn't put out this tutorial just to make a quick buck like a few have implied but I did want to make something for the time that I invested I had no idea that so many people would really want to purchase it. And I researched places like etsy etc. for price ranges like some of the oh so helpful members of HG say (Google it), which is what I did and this seemed to be a fair price based on what I saw at etsy most tut's were selling for anywhere between $10 and $25

With that being said I'm going to ask that a moderator please lock this thread.