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Originally Posted by Judy74 View Post
I have twins, does that count for something? hahahahah

I'm just speaking my mind. I have witnessed people on here (over the many years i've been here, longer then my info says because i cancelled my account a couple years ago) freak out because someone "stole" their idea and made a tutorial or are selling more on etsy then they are. Then I also witnessed people acting like vultures to get something for free that someone else worked their butt off designing.

As I said, I can look at pictures and figure things out. Maybe other people can't. I have paid for tutorials before just to take the easy way out and have been extremely disappointed that I was pretty much doing that or thought of that and wasted my money on tutorials.
And your right! I went through a tutorial phase and bought every tut under the sun!!! And I dont remember getting 1 that I didnt feel like that about. Except the few from nobownogo that I got. Love those! And the other forums Im part of share so much instruction for free so I dont buy anything unless Im just absolutely feeling lazy. But, I do like finding a good tutorial! But Im not sure its everyones "talent" to write a tutorial.
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