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Default Re: What's the deal with all these new tutorials?

Originally Posted by GingerandHoney View Post
Hmmm...that's a thought...When I first joined it seemed that this was more of a helping site. Now, it is more about destashes and group buys....I can admit, I am guilty of this, too. Sometimes, I only come on here to see what deals I can get. I wish there was a limit to the group buys and destashes (or you had to have special permission) because I think people would be more willing to help each other again instead of just trying to make a buck.
See I think there's a lot of helping going on here!! People post bows & ask how to fix or people ask about certain supplies & how to use them or where to get them. I've gotten lots of help with embroidery stuff & given advice when I could. I've had people help me with embroidery digitizing & send design files - for free. And I've sent files to people also. And we post pics & get great "hey that's so cute - good job!!" feedback.

I love this site for the help AND for the amazing GBs & deals.
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