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Default Re: Pixie Tutu Instructions

Originally Posted by ksterling628 View Post
I sent a pm and haven't received anything either. I"m confused!
I am in the middle of a move. We are relocating to a different province, so I am really busy. I do log on to answer some questions & make sure no on has been missed that has already paid for the instructions. I will try to send out invoices this afternoon if I get a chance. I am backed up with orders from my website as well as having to arrange moving trucks & trailers etc. I am really sorry to not get to everyone right away. I will get out invoices ASAP.

Originally Posted by momof5inmd View Post
Anyone know if this is the tie kind or do I have to sew it...I don't sew so it would be useless to me if it is the sew type....
This is a NO SEW tutorial. Thx
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