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Default Re: What's the deal with all these new tutorials?

Tutorials .. humm..I for one an guilty of purchasing too many tut's. I usually do my research first and then make a decision as to if I think I need to purchase different instructions. I buy tutorials from lilbluboo for knit t-shirt dresses. She is an incredible pattern/instruction writer. She has quite a following and her dresses are adorable. I have her skirt, dress and leggings. I have to limit what I can buy from her but am always happy with her instructions. Some people have the knack and some don't.

If I am going to buy the tut, sometimes I would rather buy the product so I can touch it and look at it.

I responded that I am very interested in the tutu bow holder and am back today to see if she has come up with one yet. I have found some on the internet but I am interested in someone elses prospective. I applaud the people who take the time to make them for us. So I guess you can look at it two ways. They want to make $$ or they want to share and be helpful. I choose to look at it the later and always feel like my $ is helping a creative person????? But like GBuys, I have to limit my purchases on tut's. Not to say I am not guilty of getting what I want. I am a pattern person.

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