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Default Re: What's the deal with all these new tutorials?

Originally Posted by mlhardison1 View Post
I'm not sure how you could count on one hand how many good people are on here since you don't really know everyone. Maybe I haven't been on here long enough to find out?! And I'm not starting drama, I'm just saying, i am probably not one of the ones you were counting because you don't really know me. Hopefully this continues to be a good thing for me. And when I have good info I am willing to share it. JMO

I dont remember if I said "good people" and if I did, let me rephrase that to people that actually contribute something useful to the forum. And, yes, I can still count those people on 1 hand. And no, I dont know you. This forum is a very good thing for me and I dont view it as a bad thing or a loss. The very few I have met as friends, I speak to several times a week or everyday and they are where I get my answers and help, mostly by messenger. I try not to post questions or ask for almost anything on this forum because I see too many newbies get answers like, "use the search bar", or then a whole thread pops up completely devoted to how annoying newbies are that ask questions and how they want to steal all the secrets. ?!?! And when I first joined this forum, I could hit new post and people were sharing and discussing how to make certain things and giving useful information but now you hit new post and almost all you see are buys, complaints about other members, and LOTS of complaints about copycats and bowstalkers (whatever that is), and Im sorry it just gets tiring.

And Im sorry if you think I was trying to say the forum was a negative thing. Thats not the case. I just have very little tolerance for certain things that go on here. Its good if you dont see it but I notice it and so do lots of other members. That and the fact that half of our town got blown away by a tornado this week does not help my mood. Im exhausted from all the clean-up we have been trying to do so my excitement is low and probably shows through in my typing and cheering up the people of this forum or ki$$ing their hiney is not on my to-do list this week or ever.

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