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Default Re: What's the deal with all these new tutorials?

I have been on here for about a year, I think, and I'm not on here for the GB's or destash's. I like to see all the new stuff and just see what everyone else is doing. I have gotten lots of Free advice and ideas. I've even gotten free images just for asking if someone could make these for me or knew where I could get them. I'm not sure how you could count on one hand how many good people are on here since you don't really know everyone. Maybe I haven't been on here long enough to find out?! And I'm not starting drama, I'm just saying, i am probably not one of the ones you were counting because you don't really know me. Hopefully this continues to be a good thing for me. I love coming to this forum several times a day just to see if there is someting new. I also like getting the free tuts people offer, but I also don't mind paying a fair price for the ones I feel are worth it. And when I have good info I am willing to share it. JMO
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