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Originally Posted by juliaschmoolia View Post
take a look at her other stuff to and tell me what you think.
Oh, Julia,

Seriously, you have nothing to worry about. Her product does not compare to yours, your bows are very obviously a superior product, plus she doesn't quite have the "eye" for the bow holders that you do. I absolutely LOVE the purple one, BTW!!! But her products are not quite as stylish or as nice looking as yours. this probably means more repeat customers for you.

I would personally stop putting my product up on FB, that's obviously what she's waiting for you to do....

But as others have noted, good customer service is the key, keep prices the same, maybe occasionally offer free ship or a "plus bonus" like a bow or clippie sent with product--it may work better if it's a suprise.

I love your signature, too!! Sooo cute!

Just my $.02,

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