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Default Re: What's the deal with all these new tutorials?

It's also that "time of year" when everyone is gearing up for shows and need something new and different or don't have the time to search for the "freebies", so if someone made a tut and has it for sale, there are going to be many ladies buying it b/c they don't have the time to search.

I half agree with the "limited destash and GB's". I agree with limited destashing, but not the GB's b/c along with "trying to be helpful with one another (w/out taking advantage of anyone), a lot of us run a business or do shows as extra income and w/out those GB's, the supplies would cost too much and no one would make a profit. And I truly hope that the "wholesaling" doesn't get canned b/c I LOVE the things that you ladies make on here and it sure makes life easier when you CAN'T MAKE A BOW TO SAVE YOUR ASS -

Just my 10 cents - LOL
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