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I totally know what you mean. I had been making bows for about 6 months before I started selling. My REALLY good friend knew and see all the bows I made and so forth, then the moment I started selling, she wanted to know how to make them. Being the nice person I am...I decided that i would show her if she promised that she was only making them for herself and family...she promised- and lied, not even two weeks later she had bows online and was selling them. It put a real hurting on our friendship and still to this day we are not as good of friends as we were. Our daughters still play together and once in a while we hang out. But I try at all cost to not let her in on any of my stuff. There for a while she was always posting a new bow about a week after me, it gets to me a lot...especially that she is a fan on my Facebook page...I have removed her several times, but she keeps coming back, and comments on my stuff! All i think is that I am moving soon so i don't have to worry much longer. i don't care one bit if someone far away steals my ideas-- cause I do that too. I look on ebay and etsy to find new idea's all the time...but when it is a friend (and we live on a tiny island!) it bothers me!
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