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Default Re: Pony O's - is there a surefire way to make sure they don't break?

Originally Posted by Pabloswhim View Post
The goody ones have been great for me..haven't had a problem with them breaking at all.
I absolutely love hairparts for headbands etd but DON"T BUY THEIR PONY-Os...Every single one broke the second I tried to stretch it even a little bit..
I did hear that about glad I didn't buy them a couple weeks back! I do have the Goody ones now, so hopefully that will ease my mind hearing so many good things about them. I bought the Scunci brand at first, and they seem to be pretty weak.
Originally Posted by shay0622 View Post
I always attach 2 ponies. I don't like that either when they stretch and break. I always reccommend my cust use a regular pony and then add the streamer on top. Don't use it for sole support. I haven't had any break yet. I also use the tie method with my korkers when I'm using pony tail holders, I don't sew them - just my lil method.
I sew my Korkers, but trying to attach them to the pony o...I've just been gluing. I LOVE the idea of using two pony-o's and am def recommending that they use a standard pony o to start with. I had thought about that, and you just confirmed my thought! Thanks!!

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