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Default Pony O's - is there a surefire way to make sure they don't break?

From the start of making my Pony O Streamers, I have always had a sinking suspicion that the pony o would snap, just like they ALWAYS do for my DD. I went from using hot glue, to sewing and using hot glue and I am just wondering...does anybody have any good method or tips they would be willing to share for making sure the elastic on the pony o doesn't break? These things are notorious for breaking in our house. I love, love, LOVE streamers, but am wanting to make sure my customers get a good quality product, not prone to breaking.

OH...and for attaching Korkers onto Pony-O's so they don't break either. I'm at a loss for those....I just wrap ribbon around the pony o and secure it with the glue. I thought that placing the glue right on the pony o seam would ensure minimal breakage, but one friend/customer reported that one of hers broke. I'm sending her a new one...but really want it to last!!

Any help would be so appreciated..thanks!

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