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Originally Posted by ainsleymallory View Post
I love the idea! Any idea where to buy the hardware? My youngest Grand is a special child, her IQ is very high BUT she doesn't speak most days especially if you need her too. This would work so well for her. She is really bad at disappering, when she was younger she wore the backpack with the harness now at 6 she will just take that off, we don't know why, it is almost like something scares her. If they give her a pad and pen she will write her information or she will sign it but usually the person that finds herdoesn't read sing lanuage and doesn't think to ask achild this age to write their information. Thanks so much for the great idea!!!!
Hi! I was a special ed teacher for non-verbal kiddos before staying home with my monkeys! Two things you could look into... a medical alert bracelet (kids really can't get these off) that says her name and phone # and "non-verbal" (parents i worked with left these on all the time, even to shower, and the kids get used to them), or now there are these things that attach to their shoes...Kids id tag or something like that, they are blue, when you open it it has allthe contact imfo!

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