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Default Re: What's the deal with all these new tutorials?

Originally Posted by lulafairy View Post
Not to sound rude but I posted a tutorial thread recently (As in today) now here is why...

There are a couple ladies on this board (pretty new) and they found my princess and party hat free instructions. Since then these ladies have asked me how to make everything on my site and everything under then sun including things I do not make.

I have no problem helping and sharing but 5 or 6 pms a day asking me how to do something is beyond ok to me.

My thread is my way of getting a point across. I love being helpful but I will not be taken advantage of either.
I didn't see your thread today, but I'll be sure to look
The pm's are annoying at times because some people aren't willing to do any of the leg work themselves. If I can see that you have done some leg work and seem like you have actually tried to figure it out, then I don't mind sharing, but don't think I'm going to give up every secret...for free or otherwise.
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