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I will comment seeing that I followed(strictly for entertainment,yes i have a boring night life)that whole tutu craziness and I bought the tutorial. First there is a free one that if you have made tutu's or your good at that sort of thing without step by step instructions you can make the tutu with no problems. I am not a tutu maker and just wasnt getting the concept from the imput and free info I bought the tutorial. I figure I would have gladly bought it from the crazy tutu lady had she been nice and shared. But she chose to be...whatever that was and instead a HG capitalized on the moment and got my money along with 63+ others, and im sure she will have lots of luck selling it at $15 as well. She did put alot of work into making it clear and professional so hey i had a extra $7.50. Its a good cause right? Fighting for the right to make tutu's!!!!

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