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Default Re: copy cat!!

Let me feel your pain in the butt for 5 minutes. If you think you are being copied take a look at my stalker.

This is my item I have sold a bunch of

This is her "newly" listed item!

Now all this would not be so strange if I did not know her. Many people sell childrens things and I am sure use this fabric. What makes it soooo special is that she contacted me last year through FB stating she was in a class of mine. I dropped her from my page long before she started this little business. She was really creepy and asking all these questions about everything. Well now I know why. I made contact with her in January after I found a pair of my pants on her FB site. I had no idea she even existed a friend that she "friended" told me about it. Her claim was that it was a "custom item. The funny thing was that she had the jeans in a picture of a craft show she did. So much for that custom item. Oh and her husband sent me emails about my children. They are freaks. You just have to feel sorry for these people. It is obviously a need to feel more important then they really are.
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