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Originally Posted by mckenjs View Post
I bought the tut. I figure it's worth the $7.50 to avoid the frustration and waste of materials. I work full time and have two toddlers, so I have very little time to play around....I tried one, and think I have the concept, but hers turned out beautifully, and I would rather spend a little cash and have the step by step for reference.

Some folks commented that they would have paid $50 for a tut for the TUTU that shall not be named, so I don't see why $7.50 is so much.

Also, I like to support my fellow HG's, Everyone's been helpful to me, and I've gotten a TON of free advice....I have to pay for this what?.?.

Just my thoughts. :-)
I just purchased them too. I'm more of a visual person. There were so many commenting "on that thread" about how they thought it was made and I was soooo lost on what they were saying. I have to see it and have a step by step instructions. But I do have to say that after I first saw the pictures she posted before making this tut, I had an idea on how it might have been made. Bought it to see if I was on the right track. We'll see if mine comes out as good as hers.
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