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Default Re: Magic tutu copyright?

Originally Posted by AmyArnaz View Post
Dear Ladies~
I certainly do appreciate this conversation regarding "The Magic Tutu" ~ a term I personally coined & copyrighted about 7 years ago. Originally, The Magic Tutu was a ballet with copyrighted music that I wrote & choreographed for the youngest ballerinas in my ballet school. Following the presentation of the ballet, I used the script from the ballet to compose The Magic Tutu book, which I sell at (not My copyright includes the word "The" and yes, The Magic Tutu is my creation and even has a logo that was drawn by one of my little dancers. A few years ago another woman wanted to use The Magic Tutu as the name of a children's book she was writing but changed the name to "Ava & The Magic Tutu" when she realized the name was already in use. I appreciated that! The Magic Tutu means the world to me, to my little dancers & their parents, to folks in my community and it brings income into our non-profit ballet company ~ Boulder City Ballet Company ~ in a time when grants are sparse and donations are withering. Thank you for you concern regarding my copyright. Integrity, honesty & love are part of what The Magic Tutu represents. You see, it's more than a "tutu" ~ it represents All that is Good and Kind. Thank you. Lots of love, Amy Arnaz
Its so nice to hear someone doing such wonderful things for children!!! Its nice to hear such positive things. Thanks for posting and much appreciation for your non-profit work and its SO nice to see someone with such obvious passion for what they do! It shows through your post! Thanks for brightening our day!

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