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Default Re: magic tutu mafia...oh! i win!!

Yep.. did a dispute and have now escalated it to a claim... She has until May 1 to respond to the claim. I bet I don't hear anything until then!!

I think I will just not leave the neg. feedback unless she gives my neg. feedback. I don't have an etsy shoppe yet, but plan to maybe make one, and I don't want a bad feedback to follow me around.

Originally Posted by ClarasMommy View Post
i agree BUT be careful what you say cause she WILL leave neg feedback for you...but if you're lucky she'll put personal info in it about you and etsy will take it right down...make sure you put that she STILL hasn't refunded your money yet...oh and did you do the dispute thing on paypal? within 5 minutes of my dispute i had my refund...

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