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Default Re: Any ideas for a Clown clippie?

Originally Posted by Littlepinkladybug View Post
I'm so glad I logged on tonight!

I just made one with a yoyo face,
red pom nose,
2 rhinestones for the cheeks, (or color your finger with a pink sharpie marker and quickly press it on the cheek for a rosy look)
google eyes,
red marabou hair wispies,
a hat (patterned or polka dot ribbon work well

and this is the cool part - fold about 4" of 7/8 double ruffle in half and stitch along the fold every 1/4" or so. When you gather it it makes a big ruffly clown collar. (It is also how I make a ballerina tutu clippie) Glue this to the bottom of the face and wrap the ends around and glue to the back.

If it wasn't almost 1am I would go take a picture, but It will have to wait until later!

Good luck!
I can't wait to see it...I have admired your bows before--any hints on the balet slipper that you make? My sister is turning 8 and I love that it is a little more grown up!
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