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Default Re: the mafia tutorial

Originally Posted by Divasmom8 View Post
I am a long time lurker and a first time poster. I have diligently read through both tutu threads. All I can say is WOW. I understand that you are trying to defend your daughter, my mom probably would do the same for me. Your daughter should have been flattered by all the attention. YES, her tutus are darling!! Has she never heard the age old saying, "imitation is the highest form of flattery"? We are all crafty women, it is in our nature to want to duplicate something we admire. If your daughter was the business woman she claims to be, then why in the heck didn't she JUMP on the opportunity to create a tutuorial???? She would have made a TON of money. I for one would have purchased it immediately. As you can see, it wasn't difficult for someone to figure out the tutu. Instead of seizing the opportunity to create a tutuorial, or simply to acknowledge that others found her designs inspiring and responding in a positive way, she has alienated people and created a HUGE issue. I just wanted to throw in my two cents on th topic, take it for what it's worth.

By the way, I love this site and how supportive everyone is. Thanks for creating the tutorial, and thanks to everyone that has shared their great ideas!
Well said! I understand her mom wanting to defend her daughter, but her response really made me gag! How old is her daughter? Winter is a designer and a business woman. I hardly think she needs to have anyone defend her. She is an amazing designer but its definitely time to put the BIG GIRL PANTS ON! There is no doubt in my mind that when she started her business she search the web for sites that did the same thing. She looked at designs and she looked for inspiration. Shame of her! She should be of been flattered and have had the grace to come on this forum and thank the women for all their praise towards her creations.