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Default Re: Free Tutu Hairbow holder Body template! :)

I did take pictures but to do this tutorial with pictures is going to be more time consuming and I really do not have the time right now....
The template size is around 8 by 10 I think so it shouldn't be a problem printing it out on 8.5 by 11 paper or international paper.

I am no expert on this as this is the ONLY one i've made... but here is how i did it...

Written Tutorial for the bodice part:
After printing trace it onto foam board and cut that out.

Optional: Trace it onto batting and cut that out too. ( I did not use batting on the one in the picture and i really regret that, i think it looks SOO much cuter with batting).

Trace it onto the fabric for the bodice and then cut that fabric out a 1/2-1 inch inch bigger on all sides. You will need the fabric piece to be larger then everything else. I would have made you a template that is a 1/2 inch bigger but i am scared that it wont print out properly and may get cut off.

Then trace a second piece on that same fabric exactly the template size... This will be used for covering the back and making it look neat. Some people use felt to cover the back... this part is really up to you.

I used hot glue for all these steps

glue your batting on to the front of the piece.

Lay your fabric onto the foam board, add glue to the sides and then fold it over the foam board. (You are basically wrapping it around).

When that is done you can then move onto your tulle part and embellishing your tutu bow holder.

I used I think 2 meters of tulle (from fabric store) cut to my desired length(i cant remember, will have to measure it some time today).
Then I sewed it to gather it. I then attached that to the bottom of the bodice using hot glue.
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