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Default My bottlecap images run and keep fading HELP!!!

Never done bottlecaps before
So I was very excited today cause I bought some cute bottlecap images from ETSY ......I took them to a kodak kiosk to print and did fine then back home cut them glue them to the caps and poured the resin great 40 sec after the images where running and fadding and i was almost having a heart attack!!!!!!
Where did I go wrong??? Remeber guys I don`t have envirotex or any of that stuff you have in the US but last year I used this same resin to put on some images for my boys first comunion cards and they turned great.
I guess it must be the photo paper cause it is the only difference do some of you have to seal the photo paper before applying the resin?
What do you seal with first?
Cause I tried to use something like Krylon and it runned too
Please help I soooo want to make these for some bows to take to my show on fri.
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