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Default Re: TuTu HELP! Please:)

Originally Posted by Amyte View Post
that rainbow one is adorable. I have the same issue. i can tell you what i do and what i am going to try.
I use 1" no roll elastic, I cut my strips and "loop" them on one at a time. it comes out full but not that puffy. what i may try is using more that one strip at a time. so instead of tying on 1 strip at a time i am going to try tying 2 or 3 at a time. KWIM???
Yes yes, got ya. I will try it as well and bless your heart for taking the time to help
Originally Posted by LivieLuBoutique View Post
I use a couple of strips at a time and make sure that they are all cut very even. mine look more like the 2nd pic. that first pic is GORGEOUS!
Do you use by the yard or on the spool?
I have an awesome destash waiting for you;
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