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Default TuTu HELP! Please:)

OK, so I never make tutus. I only sell pettis in my store. But after all this talk about contriversal tutus, I had to try to make some for my DD. I put one together. It turned out pretty good. But now I want to improve it and I have some questions. (Yes, I did try to google it but you wouldn't believe how many threads have the word tutu in it!)
I keep seeing people make tutus with the crochet headband waist. Is that a 1.5 or a 3" band? Are they any bigger than usual?
Also, I want my tutus to be extra poofy, almost so they stand up about the waist band on the top. Here is a link;

Also, I like when the tulle lays really straight like this;

Is it because it is sewn? Or because it is by the yard, and not on the spool?
Can anybody offer me any advice or point me in the right direction?
I have an awesome destash waiting for you;

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