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Default Re: How to make better korkers???

Originally Posted by happels View Post
I love hearing about your korker making process, but my question is this...with the korkers being so time intensive to make, and using so much ribbon, how can you afford to make them...I'm charging $4 each, and I feel like I'm not breaking even after I put the cost of supplies and my labor. Maybe I'm just too slow at making them...
Depends on whether you're going to make them on a regular basis or just once in a while. I've got a plastic shoe box full of korkers that aren't sewed together yet. It's going to cost you just as much to bake a lot of dowels as it is to bake just a few. So just do a whole bunch of them at once. (baking, cutting, etc.) Then put them together when you've got more time. Repetition saves lots of time!

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