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Default Re: How to make better korkers???

Originally Posted by jhall52 View Post
It is one of the business cards from Vistaprint. I use the postcards for FOE headbands, too. Got my banner from them and also my 'return address' labels from them, too. I use them on my bags at shows....only I don't put my address on them, I use company name, business addy and my business email on them. Just gives my plain white bags a special touch. Most of these ideas aren't mine (except the labels on the bags)...I got the ideas either from here or other lists I belong to. Right now I'm stocking up on Vistaprint's carry-all khaki bags that have my company name on them. I figure I can use them in grocery stores and get some free advertising! Take advantage of any of Vistaprint's free things! (free except for shipping, which I always pick the cheapest way to ship).

How do you get free stuff from Vista? The only things I seen free were the business cards. Can you get free postcards and etc?
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