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Default Re: just another starch thread...READ and HELP!

Originally Posted by ClarasMommy View Post
ok so i bought a can of spray starch at i was making ribbon flowers to go on flip flops...i sprayed the ribbon and ironed it...made my flowers (only sewing, no glue) i REALLY want the shape to stay so i sprayed them again with starch and stuck them in the oven to should i spray them again when they come out? does starch even work that way? i thought the heat applied to it is what makes everything all stiff.......tell me please! love ya girls!
May I ask what brand of starch you used? I just started using Faultless Premium for my korkers and it seems to be working really well. I was wondering if it would work on bows, too. I've read about the staflo(sp?), but have been intimidated to use that as it has to be mixed with water. I know I'm weird. Anyway, I was just curious. Thank you Suzie.
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