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Default Re: "Bella Regazza Tutu Tutorial".

Thank you. She is a little miracle. For being so young, she already loves posing for the camera (LOL!), so seriously, if you need a model...

The tutus are super cute. I don't have time to make tutus right now, but maybe I could buy one or two from you and try to sell them on my website? If you'll consider wholeselling some you can PM me. (All the proceeds from my website go towards Audrey's medical bills. She has a 3rd degree congenital heart block and has a pacemaker...she'll need surgeries every 5-10 years for life...) Not trying to hyjack your post here though! So just PM me if you are interested. The tutus are super cute! XOXO Amy

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How adorable is she, I'll keep you in mind if I can't find a local girl.